Does OLAPLEX really work?

First off what the heck is Olaplex?

-Have you been in the salon and over heard the word Olaplex? I know most of my clients have heard me talk about it.. but some of my new likes are like what is it?

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a bond rebuilder that has been formulated to help reconnect broken disulfide bonds in the hair shaft. - but what does all that even mean?!? This hair treatment was created to help restore damaged hair while being able to push your hair goals farther while maintaining health and integrity. Wether it was caused by natural (meaning- sun, dryness, weather...etc.) or chemical (hair dyes, bleaches or chemical services) or harsh products (shampoos and cheap products full of silicones and alcohols and other harsh ingredients... but that's a topic for another day.)

Lets get up close and personal for a second

Here is what a hair shaft looks like up close and personal... on the left we have a healthy hair strand that is smoothed down and sealed. on the right is a hair shaft that has been through some stuff, and if you can see its a little rough. When the shaft has been altered in any way it will open, which causes frizz and breakage due to the strand being weaker.

I am not a natural blonde, but I LOVE my blonde hair. I have been through years of bleach and had some amazing blondes on my hair and some NOT so amazing.. which created damage and unwanted breakage. ewww...

Basically my hair was damaged beyond repair.. (I know some of you have been in this spot...) or so I thought.. after trying Olaplex. on my own hair I noticed my hair was starting to feel like hair again..

Olaplex seals down the hair shaft by adding in the missing bonds making it stronger than before. After playing with Olaplex on my head I brought it into my salon, the results have been NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!!! We have created blondes that feel like hair, we have gotten brighter blondes and helped restore mushy fragile damaged hair back into hair... now don't get me wrong this is amazing stuff but its not a one and done treatment.. its a system.. so it takes time! (Remember Rome wasn't built in a day!) So let's start getting your hair on track to reach those hair goals of yours!

Next time you are in my chair ask me about Olaplex, I'd be happy to share!

So my conclusion on if Olaplex works.. my answer is a YES! Not only have I been using it for years, I have seen tons of first hand results on both my clients and my own hair. it is amazing for all hair types and can be used to bring life back to dull dry hair.



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